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Here, from Agüita we’d like to send you our proposal for this week: salmon and two wines,to stay together this quarantine:

A 180 grams of back loin salmon from our famous raw norwegian salmon, with a receipt book, paired with a Montonega and a Xarel·lo with Malvasia de Sitges for only 28 €, a 20% discount..

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Froya’s Back Loin – Sushi quality – Ultra fresh raw Norwegian Salmon.

The Sushi lovers first choice is the exquisite back loin offering perfect slices from the whole loin – no waste.

The best Salmon is hand-picked and only the finest filets find their way to the counter. Two hours is all it takes from living salmon to filleted and expertly packed Frøya ready for rapid cooling. That guarantees the fresh taste of perfection.

The Frøya salmons are farmed in the sea off the island of Frøya. This is the basis for the unique quality. In this area, the Gulf Stream for millennia has created strong currents with a large difference in floods and shorelines, ensuring the supply of nutritious and clean seawater twice a day, summer and winter. For generations, this natural phenomenon has created ideal conditions for growing salmon.

Mas Rodó – Montonega – D.O. Penedès

MAS RODÓ is a pioneer in working with the Montonega variety, an autochthonous grape that develops spontaneously from Parellada strains, generating a distinct phenotype with character.

The Montonega is a small, scarcely planted and reddish grape that spontaneously produces around 4500kg per hectare, and with which we produce a frank, fresh and unique wine.

The remarkable thing about this wine is not the fruit but the aromatic herbs, the fennel, the dried fruit, and a particular minerality and salinity, all defining elements of the environment at MAS RODÓ. We keep it a year in the bottle, refining it and balancing its acidity. It’s a true declaration of our principles connected to the land and our way of understanding wine.

L’Apical – Vividors del Vi blanc – 85% Xarel·lo, 15% Malvasia de Sitges – D.O. Penedès

It is the only wine we have, which is a blending of two different grape varieties. We thought of two indigenous varieties that could complement each other. We wanted to get a wine with a particular aromatic note that could make people addicted when tasting and smelling.

Xarel·lo, on the one hand, is the star grape variety that provides the wine with a silky texture and freshness, due to its acidity.

Malvasia de Sitges, on the other hand, is a variety that comes from the Eastern mediterranean area in the 14th Century. In the 18th Century it was considered one of the best varieties to make wine in Catalonia. However, with phylloxera and champagne’s appearance in the 19th century, Malvasia started to disappear. Luckily, in St Joan Baptista Hospital, in Sitges, a big malvasia vine was seeded, thanks to Manuel Llopis, in order to continue making wine with this grape and not to lose it. It’s our youngest wine, daring and versatile.

It has a noticeable mediterranean character, an excellent structure due to Xarel.lo and with notes of fruit and freshness coming from the Malvasia grape variety. We want to transmit youth, life and a mediterranean essence, hoping people could enjoy it in good company!