Biodinàmic magic.

Biodynamic and natural wines from the Penedès with by the up close magic from Albert.

Wine tasting from the Finca Parera Cellar and Can Suriol del Castell Cellars, on Tuesday, October 25th at 7 p.m.


What is biodynamic agriculture?

Biodynamic wines, in the same way as organic wines, do not allow the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and/or industrial herbicides.

Cow horns buried and made with plant and mineral preparations are the substitutes for any chemical element.

The use of indigenous yeasts, clarifiers of natural origin and the addition of sulfur is allowed but with the DEMETER regulation (certifying body for biodynamic agriculture)

The Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner is the father of biodynamic agriculture. The stars influence production and everything is governed by an astronomical calendar.

Each day corresponds to one of the elements: earth, fire, air and water. The days are organized by fruit days (preferable for the harvest), root days (pruning), leaf days (watering) and dry days, when the vine must not be touched.

Celler Finca Parera

We are a family where we all do everything with enthusiasm for the tasks of the vineyard and winery. Formed by different generations where agricultural engineers, winemakers and farmers live together. Our experience has led us towards biodynamic agriculture and natural wine making

We are Jordi Parera, Rubèn Parera, Jordi Puigmacià and Kike Vila.

Finca Parera – Hoop – Chardonnay

We make this ancestral in a natural way, with the must at the end of fermentation (density controls and residual sugars G / F) from each year’s Chardonnay batch. We bleed the must / wine that is still fermenting into a stainless steel vat to lower the temperature and thus slow down the yeasts and precipitate a part of the more cloudy part of the must / wine by static cold.

We bottle without any intervention or addition, in bottles that withstand the pressure to continue the wild fermentation inside them, and we let it rest all autumn, winter and part of the following spring, slaughtering hot on a descending moon in April.


Finca Parera – Clar – 80% Xarel·lo

80% Xarel lo and a blend of Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Malvasia de Sitges, Parellada and Garnatxa Blanca.

We elaborate in a natural way, with a manual harvest in 250 kg containers. Entry of the grape with 30% rapa and all the skin to a stainless steel vat for maceration / infusion at low temperature. After a few days the spontaneous fermentation begins, and without moving the hat or stirring the wine, we let the fermentation progress. Aging inside the vat until spring, where we will press and withdraw the wine. We bottle without any intervention or addition, on a descending moon.

Precipitations and cloudy appearance may appear, denoting respectful processing and are a good sign of authenticity.


Finca Parera – Fosc – 40% Sumoll

40% Sumoll and a coupage of d’Ull de Llebre, Garnatxa Negre, Monastrell, Syrah.

We produce in a natural way, with a manual harvest in a 250 kg container. Grape entry into cement cups with skins and without rapa. Maceration / Infusion at controlled temperature. When a few days have passed, we start the alcoholic fermentation with wild yeasts. Decantation by gravity of the flower wine, the rest of the skins to press for other wines. Aging during the winter to clean the wines statically, and bottling by gravity and descending moon.

We bottle without any intervention or addition, in a descending moon.

Precipitations and cloudy appearance may appear, denoting respectful processing and are a good sign of authenticity.


Can Suriol

In 1179, batlle de Vilafranca received from B. de Gras Buach the bread and wine that, from his batllia, left for Mr. king”. The quote can be found in E.E. (GG.CC.) vol 5 pg 128.

XV century, the “Castell de Grabuac” is built. Built on top of the old Quadra (sX) of Grabuac in the 15th century, it will become the residence of the Lords of Font Rubí.

Year 1985, first bottle of DO Penedès wine on the market under the Suriol brand.


Suriol – Mataró – Penedés – Mataró (Monastrell)

Natural Wine, grapes from organic farming, fermentation is carried out only with native yeasts, also called wild (which are naturally present on the skin of the grape) and bottled without filtering or adding sulphites.

Ripe red and black fruit with some notes of dried fruit.