Bruma Marín

Monastrell – D.O. Jumilla

The area called Estrecho de Marín, where the Viña Elena bodega is located, lies in a valley flanked by two majestic mountains: “Rajica de Enmedio” in the east and “Solana Sopalmo” in the west. This is DO Jumilla’s warmest, driest region and it’s here where we strive and toil to produce balanced, fresh grapes in a bid to steer clear of the age-old concept of over-ripeness.

The vines used to make this wine are planted on both sides of the valley: those in the east are subject to more shade and give the wine freshness, minerality and elegance, while those in the west are subject to more sunlight and give the wine the characteristic maturity and warmth of the Monastrell grape variety.

These goblet-pruned vines, which are planted using traditional distances of 2.8×2.8m in permeable, stony soils, capture and retain precious moisture from the region’s scant rainfall by bedding their roots deep into the fathomless soils in order to survive periods of extreme drought.

NameParaje Estrecho de Marín (southern DO Jumilla)
DescriptionGoblet pruned with traditional planting distances of 2.80 x 2.80 mt.
Altitude400 m (average)
Age27 years-old (average)
SoilSemi-arid, chalk. Permeable, stony soils that retain moisture
ClimateDry Mediterranean
Annual rainfall225 L/m2 in 2017
HarvestManual, carried out in early September 2017
WinemakingAged in cement tank without epoxi during 8 months
BottlingBottled without fining in June 2018