Trencadis Bonbons and German wines from Palatinate: Wednesday Nov. 8th at 19h.


Treat Craft Pastry Bonbons

These are Matt Jones of The Treat Craft Pastry‘s new Trencadís series of artisan chocolates, with innovative flavors, we’re warning you, you won’t be able to eat just one.

And we will pair them with German wines from the Palatinate.

We will taste four wines, a riesling, a white Pinot, a grey Pinot and a Pinot noir.


Dr. Pioth – Dry Riesling – Palatinate, Germany


Made with grapes from sandy soils.
A wine that expresses the elegance and style of classic Palatinate Rieslings.
It is refreshing, fruity and has a particular mineral touch.
A trickster wine with a complex but sober nose with aromas of apples, peaches and white flowers.
In the mouth it gives way to a refreshing and pure expression of white fruit (Claudia plum).
It combines substance with ease in the mouth, character with finesse.
Vibrant and persistent finish.

Very good as an aperitif.
Perfect with grilled fish.
Crustaceans and shellfish (clams, shrimp).
Goat and soft cheeses.
Avocado salad.


Forster Winzer – Weissburgunder (White Pinot) – Palatinate, Germany

White Pinot

Light sandy soils. Inox with lees for 4 months.
Fragrant with the presence of fruit (yellow and green apple, sweet melon) and light touches of walnuts and fresh hazelnuts.
Wine with a mild acidity and a very delicate astringent sensation.
On the palate it retains typical apple notes and slightly acidic tones.
A classic Weissburgunder (in German) or White Pinot.

Very good as an aperitif.
Avocado salad.
Perfect with grilled fish.
Crustaceans and shellfish (clams, shrimp).
Goat and soft cheeses.


Forster Winzer – Grauburgunder- (Grey Pinot) – Palatinate, Germany

Grey Pinot

Light sandy soils. Inox with lees for 4 months.
It is a fresh and mineral aromatic dry white, quite impressive with notes of white stone fruits and a refreshing texture.
Grauburgunder (in German) or Grey Pinot has a pure and distinctive aroma of grapes, fruits and white flowers, as well as hints of melon and white plums.
Concentrated, but at the same time very refreshing.
Juicy and broad on the palate and a vibrant and long finish where seductive citrus notes appear.

Vegetables (asparagus).
Dishes based on eggs (soufflés, poached), pasta (seafood lasagna), vegetable or fish soups.


Forster Winzer – Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) – Palatinate, Germany

Pinot Noir

From vines planted in soils mixed with sand, clay and stony limestone.
Leafless, green harvests and reasoned struggle.
In the winery, the must macerates for 8 days prior to alcoholic fermentation that lasts 5 days.
The wine is aged in third-year barrels for 16 months.
It is an elegant, smooth and subtle wine.
It combines the grace and freshness of the fruit with a certain complexity and structure conferred by the barrel.
An introductory Pinot Noir that will not disappoint as an introduction to the complex world of this prestigious variety.

Rooster in red wine sauce, pheasant.
Steak with caramelized shallot sauce.
Beef Stew.