Catalan Monovarietal Wines

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Mascorrubí Heretat 1297 – Teulera Ancestral – DO Catalunya, El Pla de Manlleu (Tarragona)


Sparkling wine made by the ancestral method of a single fermentation in the bottle, made 100% with organic Montonega from vineyards at more than 500m altitude.

Fresh, with a very clean white fruit and citrus notes, to enjoy them at any time.


In Mascorrubí we keep the original old vines, formed in glass, of the varieties of the upper part of the Penedès; mainly the Montonega, a variety of the Parellada in height that has grapes of thicker skin, loose, small and rosé that makes wines more aromatic and fresh.


Heretat Mascorrubí

The origins of what is now the Mascorrubí Heretat go back to the 13th century, at the former order of the 'Order of the Temple of the Castle of Celma'.

Today, its pillars are tall vines in height, the cultivation of native varieties, and organic farming.

The height of the Heretat Mascorrubí, between 500 and 700 m, makes our wines have their own personality; the poor, stony soil and the thermal difference from day to night during the ripening stage of the grapes make the plant reach a balanced maturation and create an optimal aromatic concentration.

The winery, with its Sumoll Blanc trilogy, produces a very large percentage of wines made with this variety worldwide.

  • Extincta Vitis is one of the two still white wines on the market.
  • Escumell is the only traditional method of sparkling wine made in the world, with 30 months of aging and a total of 900 bottles.
  • Ancestral Rosé de Sumolls is also unique in its kind.


La Diferenta – Blanc Brisat Àmfora – DO Pla de Bages

Malvasia de Sitges

Calm white wine from a 50-year-old vineyard in Navàs, in the highest and mountainous part of the Pla de Bages.

100% Malvasia from Sitges, this wine was supposed to be part of a blend but the winery thought it was extraordinary and bottled it on its own.

200 bottles of 75 cls have been bottled.

Fermented and aged 12 months in a clay tub (amphora)


La Diferenta

La Diferenta is the project of three friends who, after years of making wine without bringing it to market, decide to start marketing the few bottles they produced in the family vineyards.

With old vineyards in the highest part of the Pla de Bages designation of origin,

La Diferenta is characterized by making white wines with red varieties and by using the medieval stone vats from its vineyards for the alcoholic fermentations of its red wines.

Vins del Tros – Lo Morenillo 2017 – DO Terra Alta


Wine made only with the almost extinct varietal MORENILLO, from a vineyard recovered for more than 50 years in the municipality of Vilalba dels Arcs. This varietal takes the name Morenillo because historically red wines made with this type of grape had a slightly higher color. - That's why people say that this wine is not red, it's "morenillo" …

You will find, however, a wine with an atypical intense color for this varietal given that it comes from very old vineyards with a very low yield per vine, hence the high concentration.

Type of crop: Ecological with biodynamic orientation.

Preparation: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with spontaneous yeasts.

Aged 12 months in third year French oak barrels half wine and the other half in clay amphorae.

Bottled on March 4, 2019 (with waning moon).

1,296 bottles of this wine were made.

Alcohol 14%

Celler Costador – Metamorphika Trepat – DO Catalunya, Barberà de la Conca


The Metamorphika Trepat is a high altitude trepat, a calm red wine from a vineyard of about 70 years in Barberà de la Conca, about 500 meters high.

Partially fermented with the grape in large-volume clay vats and aged for 12 months in fourth- and fifth-use French oak barrels.

The bottle is also made of clay


El Trepat

It is an autochthonous red grape variety from the Conca de Barberà with which light and fruity wines are made, with good acidity and medium alcohol content.

When made as a rosé, a light, fresh and fruity wine is obtained. In reds you get a fresh wine with a color and aroma that make it unique.

The first red trepat wine was made in 1987, it was a carbonic maceration wine. However, from 1986 to 2004 the variety of trepat is maintained mainly in cooperatives for the production of rosé wines. It was not until 2004 that the elaboration of the inside of trepat reds was recovered.

From 2009 onwards, there is a tendency to make red wines for trepat.

Costador Terroir Mediterranis

Costadors is a project that has long gained a well-deserved reputation as a ‘top’ wine in the many export markets where it is present, and which is slowly opening a hole in local menus and shelves.

From the oldest wine cooperative building in Spain, in Barberà de la Conca, Joan Franquet vinifies the three product lines that make up Costador, practicing biodynamic agriculture and natural vinification.

We are a winery that works unique vineyards with only organic and biodynamic agriculture.

The vineyards are old, most of them between 60 and 110 years old with different "terroirs" (clay and limestone). They are located at altitudes between 400 and 800 meters.

With a strong thermal contrast, our grapes can mature for a long time and retain their freshness and acidity.

We control the temperature of the whole process, from the moment we harvest the grapes, during fermentation and then aging.

We ferment with wild and native yeasts in amphorae or in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels.

The final wine is a real grape juice, authentic and with natural aromas.