Whites Royal Flush, Tuesday July 12th at 19h.


A refreshing tasting of white wines that will go up in color.

Pepe Mendoza – Casa Agrícola Blanco – DO Vinos Alicante

Muscat 40%, Macabeu 40%, Airén 20%

A representation of two prominent Alicante terroirs, the highlands of Vinalopó with the Macabeo and Airén, and the Tierras Marinas with their Moscatel de Alejandría.

Muscatel comes from clay soils and Macabeo and Airén from sandy loam.

In the winery, Pepe Mendoza Casa Agrícola Blanco is vinified with stems in small 5,000-litre tanks at a constant temperature of 15ºC, without exogenous yeasts or enzymes.

It remains in contact with the lees until bottling and a minimum dosage of sulfur is used.

2 months of aging in stainless steel tanks and 6 months in the bottle.

The wine undergoes a light filtration before bottling.


Lovely spring notes. Aromas of jasmine, gallant at night, citrus notes of lime and orange peel.

Nice aromas of Mediterranean infusions, when bottled the notes of fennel and aniseed typical of the area take position in the glass, very fresh on the palate and with good volume.

An ideal white to accompany traditional fish and rice dishes from Levante.

Casa Agrícola

Pepe Mendoza Casa Agrícola is the personal project of the man who has been the winemaker of the Enrique Mendoza family winery for 25 years.

A work that stands out for betting on varieties of Mediterranean origin, ecological techniques and small artisanal productions with outstanding D.O. character. Alicante.



Cazapitas – O Rebusco 2019


A Salgosa vineyard

Previous maceration of 6 days and soft pressing. Fermentation and rest in stainless steel without lees work with wild yeasts. Harvested on October 11-13.

Going to O Rebusco is an ancient practice in which a harvest was made after the natural harvest and made by the grape harvesters to take advantage of those valid clusters not harvested and make their own wines at home with the permission of the owner of the vineyards.

O'Rebusco is in the Galician tradition the way they had to call a type of wine.

Formerly the vineyard lands were worked by the less wealthy people and with them, once the harvest was over, they used to make another pass selecting the very ripe grapes together with the new suckers.

Now it is a somewhat thicker grain and keeps a good acidity.

This was the wine of the people or the poor man's wine, as it was known. This itself was doing the rummage.

Production 400-500 bottles

Alcoholic Degree: 14% Vol.


Celler Sanromà – L’Incorrecte – DO Tarragona

100% Parellada

Natural white wine of 100% Parellada variety.

Vineyards planted in 2004 in the municipality of Villarodona, grown organically. Vererma manual.

Fermentation with the skins (brisate) and a part with rapa during the whole fermentation with wild yeasts at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation two months on lees.


A way of understanding wine and life, the most passionate and rebellious wine of Celler Sanromà. Completely carefree and eager to refute and question the established system. One more step, a wine that is difficult to forget by concept.



Francesc Nicolás – Wham Bam

Ojo de liebre blanco, Malvar, Airén.

Organic orange wine 2020

Spontaneous fermentation in concrete tanks, 30 days in contact with their skins and 15% stem.

Aged for 12 months in concrete tanks on its fine lees.

Unfiltered bottled, cap derived from 100% recyclable sugar cane and zero carbon footprint.



and finally …

And finally, because the royal flush in poker is made with five cards, we have reserved a surprise to close the tasting.