Àrid Vins – Eòlic 2019 – DO Penedès

White Sauvignon

A new organic wine from the Eloi Milà and Josep Montserrat project, a wine from the DO Penedès

Provenance: Grapes from the highlands of the Penedès, in the municipality of Pontons, about 795 meters high. Estates of free-clay soil, quite characteristic of the upper area of ​​the Penedès, which together with the Mediterranean climate, the fair rainfall and the refreshing winds of the area, gives the optimal conditions to produce good white wines.

Vinification: Most treated without oxygen, with very gentle pressing to protect the finesse and aromas that characterize this variety throughout its life. Aged with its fine lines for 2-3 months, depending on the taste, until it reaches the optimum point between fineness in the nose and mouth, achieving the right balance.

Analytics: Grade 12.5% ​​vol

Pairing: It is ideal to accompany all kinds of fish and seafood or something related, such as pasta combined with seafood. Obviously, it combines perfectly with other types of pasta dishes or classic pizzas. Curry dishes are also the perfect pairing of wines with notes of tropical fruits like this Sauvignon. Its good acidity also makes it very suitable for spicy foods. It combines very well with birds, and its acidity attenuates very well the fat of a good duck. Certain cheeses, such as goat’s cheese, are also perfect, and why not say it, as an appetizer.

Tasting note: Soft, fine and elegant wine, but with wild reminiscences, as the origin of its name indicates, with a mixture of aromas that remind us of the effect of the Mediterranean climate on a very ripe grape, such as broom and a touch of boxwood, and aromas typical of its particular vinification, such as the aromas of citrus, pineapple, passion fruit and grapefruit. As the wine evolves, it acquires notes that lead it to an elegant minerality. , which combine perfectly with citrus descriptors. In the mouth, due to its short aging in lees, it has a soft fatness that attenuates the good acidity of the wine, giving a feeling of freshness widely balanced, which gives the wine a long and persistent presence.