Wine Flights

What’s a wine flight?

An informal, yet educational comparative tasting of 4 premium wines:

Each wine has been carefully selected reflecting a concept, a distinctive sense of place and a vigneron philosophy from all over Spain.

The flight includes: a welcome glass of cava + a cheese plate, with bread and olive oil (€35 without chees, € 43 with cheese, p/p)

What is a wine flight? It’s a type of wine tasting that compares two o more wines that share a common thread or theme – By drinking your wine glasses side-by-side you can come back and forth and note the slight (or big!) differences of flavors and aromas between them.

Tasting wines side-by-side is fun, educational and will definitely improve your palate and expand your wine horizons!

About our Wine Flights:

Through these wine tastings you will get to experience and identify how a region affects the style and taste profile of the wine. Specially, when it comes to taste the same grape from different appellations (D.O.s) as in our Garnacha Darling flight, as this grape is a very versatile one and a perfect choice to  showcase the influence of terroir (climate and soils) over its varietal expression.

Also you’ll get to taste and find more about those indigenous and traditional grapes both from Catalonia and many other regions as there is a solid trend of Spanish growers working consciously on  and bringing back traditional practices into modern winemaking and recovering many varieties once heavily planted but, in many cases, now forgotten.

You will taste grape varieties such as Montonega, Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Parellada, Sumoll, Cariñena, among Catalan wines and Monastrell, Garnacha, Graziano, Mencía, among the wines from the rest of Spain.

If you are a wine lover this is definitely for you!

Be ready to engage with like-minded people who love to learn and taste lovely wines, after all, wine is best enjoyed in good company!

What to bring?

Happy attitude and some curiosity! 

1,5 hours tasting

Hosted in English