TOCAVI – ESCAPA T Negre – DOq Priorat

50% Grenache, 50% Carignan.

ESCAPA T: For the brave: for those who want to get rid of the protection offered by the group and face the harsh conditions and fatigue alone. “La Grupeta” will take on the challenge and pursue you. But your determination and perseverance, your courage, your positive mental attitude and conviction will allow you to focus only on the horizon and pedal enthusiastically to victory.

Organic, 100% owned by the winery.

VINIFICATION: This wine is made in the heart of the Priorat.
The grapes are harvested by hand, in micro vineyards adjacent to the winery and following strict ecological and organic methods throughout the production process.
This means a full commitment to environmental protection and biodiversity practices to protect and improve the health of the land, water sources and vineyards as well as the natural balance between them.

Aged for 6-8 months in clay amphorae.

TASTING NOTES: Beautifully fruity on the nose, softly velvety and tasty on the palate, with soft tannins that add to the exceptional character of this wine.


TOCAVI Vins i Caves

The perfect meeting of my two passions, wine and cycling.

The wine and the surrounding landscape have been ubiquitous in my life, in happy times with my father, friends, wife and children.
The landscapes are calm and quiet, they change every year with each season, but they have always been there to accompany me.

Sublime moments. That little moment where everything seems to make sense to you.
We spend our lives looking for the path, never clear, always hard to find… and suddenly one day you realize that the path was always in front of you, waiting for you.