Celler Vell Brut – Estruch Extra Brut Rosé – DO Cava

Grenache, Pinot Noir

Brilliant rosé, with a floral bouquet and very fruity flavour. Perfect for snacks and a wide range of dishes (particularly fish and rice-based).

With the clear desire to be open to progress and to the ongoing changes occurring in the world of winemaking, with the special range we have opted for obtaining cava with the addition of foreign vine varieties. In the case of rosé, the origin of the grape is organic farming.

The noble Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes (two of the three that are central to the renowned “champagne”) are used to lend a cosmopolitan touch and sophistication to the cava.

With a fine finish, our desire was to offer cavas for the most special occasions, for those days when luxury is there for the eye and palate.

Tasting note: Unites the noble Pinot Noir variety with the classic Grenache, combining the complexity of the first with the potency and authenticity of the second. Reaches a peak of expression on the palate. It is a light rosé, with a very elegant paleness, fine constant bubbles, intense floral bouquet, with persistent reminders of aging. Very fruity flavour, with a fresh hint of acidity.

Soil: Calcareous clay
Ecological agriculture
Elaboration: Fermentation of each variety separately, maceration with skins to give color, second maceration in the bottle.
Aged: for 24 months in the bottle before disgorgement.