Fragas do Lecer

Fragas do Lecer is located in Vilaza, Galicia, in Northwest Spain. It sits in the valley of Monterrei alongside the Támega river. The winery was founded in 2005 by the Boo-Rivero family, winegrowers with a history of over 30 years. They are especially committed to growing indigineous varietals.

The vineyards total 45 acres, in 28 different estate vineyards. This diversity results in various soil types: granite based, sandy, and slate, offering great complexity to the wines. The Tamaguelos estate has over 10 acres of Godello and Mencia vines that are over 30 years old. In addition, they also have some of the oldest Godello and Mencia vines in the region, over 50 years old.

Fragas do Lecer practices organic viticulture, with maximum respect for the vineyards and minimum intervention.