Hairy Grenache

A red grape variety typical of Catalonia, where it is also known as Lledoner Pelut, Lledoner Gris or Garnatxa Grisa. Its origin is the mutation of the Red Grenache, of thick skin covered with a hairiness from where the nickname of hairy comes to.

It has adapted perfectly to the Mediterranean environment of poor, arid and slate soil of the Priorat and the results obtained have been in favor of this variety that in other latitudes had high vegetable tannin contents.

It is a late bud strain, has good fertility and sensitivity to neulia. Of late ripening, well into October, it is susceptible to rot.

The grapes are medium in size, compact and with loose shoulders. The berries are spherical, medium-small in size, dark blue in color and thick-skinned.

Red wines from the Hairy Grenache variety achieve a good alcohol content. This variety is usually used in blends to achieve greater color intensity and give more fruit to the wine.