Heretat Mascorrubí.

The origins of what is now the Mascorrubí Heretat go back to the 13th century, at the former order of the ‘Order of the Temple of the Castle of Celma’.

Today, its pillars are tall vines in height, the cultivation of native varieties, and organic farming.

The height of the Heretat Mascorrubí, between 500 and 700 m, makes our wines have their own personality; the poor, stony soil and the thermal difference from day to night during the ripening stage of the grapes make the plant reach a balanced maturation and create an optimal aromatic concentration.

The winery, with its Sumoll Blanc trilogy, produces a very large percentage of wines made with this variety worldwide.

  • Extincta Vitis is one of the two still white wines on the market.
  • Escumell is the only traditional method of sparkling wine made in the world, with 30 months of aging and a total of 900 bottles.
  • Ancestral Rosé de Sumolls is also unique in its kind.