Foresta – Turó de les Llebres 2019 – without DO, Massís del Garraf (Penedès)

Sumoll, Grenache, Cabernet Franc and Marselan.

A hedonistic wine to drink in small sips. Turó de les Llebres is a blend of our black varieties, looking for a silky and fresh texture, and an aromatic substrate of Mediterranean herbs.

Varieties: In 2019 we combined the acidity and tension of Sumoll, the softness of Grenache, a Cabernet Franc with a velvety texture and the color of our Marselan.

Origin: Four vineyards with different ages and orientations, located in the terms of Avinyonet and Olivella.

Viticulture: Only with treatments allowed in organic viticulture: sulfur, copper and sexual confusion systems (pheromones) to prevent the reproduction of the grape cork.

At the end of ripening we surround the vineyards with electric shepherds to keep the wild boars at bay.

Elaboration: After two years of extreme drought, the 2019 vintage regains its balance and becomes one of the great vintages of the Penedès.
We start the harvest at the end of September with the Grenache harvest and ended with the Marselan harvest on October 14.

Maceration, pressing and fermentation at low temperatures.

Fermented in open boots and stainless steel.

Aged in stainless steel for six months.

Bottled June 2020

Production: 2957 bottles


Foresta Vins

Our wines: varietals, freshes and elegants

The landscape: The Garraf massif

Did you know that the Garraf Massif has long been known as a land of exceptional wines? The Garraf vines grow in very poor soils. They give little grapes, but of great intensity and concentration.

The Massif is our home. We work 60 hectares located in the village of Arboçar and its surroundings. The vineyards are planted on terraces with centuries-old dry stone margins. The ground is so thin that the roots immediately run into a bed of limestone through which rainwater drains.

It is a landscape that must be explored with an open hand, touching the bushes of rosemary, poniol, rock tea, sajolida, thyme, fennel … Surrounding the vineyards grows white pine, holm oaks and also the only palm tree. European origin: the palm tree. Anyone who gets up early may come across the forest dwellers, presided over by the wild boar and the fox who act as our totem pole.

Around noon, like a clock, these thirsty hills receive the marinade that rises from Sitges and Vilanova. It’s a fresh, moist, slightly salty breath that gives life to our vineyards, especially on the hottest days of summer when the grapes are in the process of ripening.

Our wines aspire to reflect this landscape: They are concentrated, saline, and reminiscent of the aromas of undergrowth that perfume this unique landscape.

How we work: organic wines with a forest spirit

We do not use pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard, and we work to restore soil balance. At the same time, we are rediscovering the heritage value of our dry stone margins and huts, and working to protect them. We are, first and foremost, landscape conservators.

Foresta wines are born from our highest vineyards, those that grow where the arable land is thinner and the vines give less production. Many of them border on the forest, a source of biodiversity and also of a certain climatic balance. They are plots with different orientations with respect to the sun and the sea, which give us grapes of very diverse characters. We have the great luxury of being able to choose.

We pick the grapes by hand so we can select them at the beginning, and transport them to the cellar in small boxes. Each plot is vinified separately, always respecting the yeast of each vineyard and the surrounding forest. From here, the work in the winery focuses on preserving all these unique characteristics, and getting the spirit of the forest to reach your table with the utmost purity.