Vinyes d’en Gabriel – Plan’elle 2014 – DO Montsant


Young red crianza wine

  • Alcohol content: 15,0%
  • Vineyard: Limestone
  • Vinification material: Oak wood
  • Ageing period: 10-11 month
  • Clarification and filtration: Bottled unfined and unfiltered

This is a story that begins over 150 years ago, from the day that our grandfather, Joan Rofes planted the first vines at Casa Gabriel in Darmós, with the dream passed down to his descendants.

Our story.

To explain this long story we have to go back to the nineteenth century: there we see Grandfather Joan Rofes, who inherited Casa Gabriel in Darmós and began the winegrowing tradition by planting his own vines one by one and then making the resulting wine on the lower floor of his own home.

Grandfather Joan was a strong, hardworking man who was convinced of the qualities of the ground that would nurture his vines and their fruit, generation upon generation. Even back then he was cultivating the land organically, following natural cycles and with the firmly held belief that to get the best results all you had to do was listen to what the land and the vines were telling you.

His descendants have held true to this belief over the passing of the years and the growth of the winery as it moved from the house itself to a larger space in Darmós itself.

Over the course of the bodega’s 150-year history, no chemical products have been used to treat or boost the production of our vines. The result is the vigorous, healthy, wise soil that we treat today with the same respect that it was shown in the early days of Casa Gabriel.

These painstaking efforts have proved valuable: in the twenty-first century, Josep Maria Anguera, part of the fourth generation, has create today’s Vinyes d’en Gabriel bearing in mind the foundations of the old bodega. The spacious and modern new facilities are in the spirit of the old house.

This is a dream underpinned by perseverance, daily work in the field, and harmonious dialogue with the land, combining to enable us to offer you these honest, expressive and utterly genuine wines.