Molí de Ger – Puigpedrós

Raw cow’s milk from the farm itself, natural or slightly flowered rind, at least three months of maturation.


The production of this cheese goes back to the origins of the lactic history of Catalonia.

Long-maturing cheeses, depending on the time of year or so; of natural or slightly flowered bark; of medium or large pieces to last in the pantry for a long season; in short, a cheese with the authentic taste and personality of what used to be a cheese in our house: raw cow’s milk, manual production, good preservation of the pieces until their optimal point of aroma, taste and texture. Wow, a jewel for the senses and memories.


Accompany with toasted hazelnuts, quince, green asparagus, black olive bread, white bread, long-aged red wine (preferably syrah or merlot).

Molí de Ger

Artisan cheeses. Made with own milk in Cerdanya

Generation after generation

El Molí de Ger is a farmer’s house where, historically, the activity of grinding flour took place. This activity was always combined with agriculture and livestock and it is the latter that has survived to the present day generation after generation.

All our cheeses are made entirely by hand and the only ingredients we use are raw milk, salt and ferments, so the final cheese does not include any kind of additive, preservative or colouring.

We are dairy producers and cheese makers with raw milk that comes directly from our farm. We control, first hand, the quality of raw milk, in an environment and climate that are optimal for the production of our cheeses.

We produce our milk and make our cheeses in an environment characterized by moist soils and a landscape of green meadows and natural meadows where, the particular climate of Cerdanya, generates pasture meadows next to the Segre that give a strong personality and a distinct flavor in our cheeses.