Sifer Wines

About 10 years ago the family was looking for land to farm when they found this place in Calaceite (Teruel). There were already vines over 50 years old planted but they were abandoned.
They started making wine for themselves, but in 2017 they had their first vintage with the plants that they replanted 4 years ago with the aim of formalizing the business.
Its vineyards are in Calaceite (Matarraña) and in the southeast of Batea (Terra Alta) between 300-350m above sea level.
The soil is mainly composed of sand and silt, but with a good percentage of sand as well.
Rain is scarce but this gives the vines more vigor and makes them less prone to fungal infections.
The climate is continental, this means that the temperature contrasts between seasons of the year are quite strong compared to a Mediterranean climate where there is less temperature fluctuation.
His treatment of the earth is manual and is based on the lunar and sidereal cycles and some other biodynamic tasks. All their wines are 100% spontaneous fermentation. Just grape.
Of all the terroir they own only a small portion that is destined for the vineyards.