La Vinyeta

Immerse yourself in the wines of this winery touched by the ‘tramuntana’ (north wind) and let yourself fall in love with the smell of the Empordà.

Located in the heart of the Empordà, in Mollet de Peralada, the La Vinyeta winery is a small vineyard and olive grove with a young spirit, the result of effort and enthusiasm.

The origin of this project can be traced to the nearly two hectares of old vineyards – aged between 55 and 80 – in Carignan and Grenache.

From this moment new plantations are carried out up to the current 30 ha and it is consolidated in 2006 with the construction of the winery.

Year after year, La Vinyeta bears fruit with personal wines, exquisite oil and local products.

Despite being a young winery, it has taken the testimony of tradition, of the legacy accumulated over centuries in the cultivation of old vineyards in the Empordà.

The commitment to nature has made it one of the first wineries to develop with the Integrated Production system, an environmentally friendly crop based on ecological principles and scientific knowledge.

Best Catalan Winery in 2018

La Vinyeta has been chosen as the Best Catalan Winery in 2018 by the Catalan Association of Sommeliers. This entity brings together about 600 sommeliers and member companies of the Catalan territory and has the vocation of agglutinating the sector and promoting the figure of the sommelier.

The recognition has been granted by voting of its members between four Catalan wineries that have excelled this year.