Zeru Kolorea


Its name is Zelu Koloria or Zeru Kolorea, which in Basque means “the color of the sky”.

It is made in the south of Iparralde (French Basque Country), in the Saint Jean Pied de Port area, with raw sheep’s milk, formed into 3 kg wheels and cured for a minimum of three months.

Zeru Kolorea is a cheese that is made from June to November. The youngest cheeses are the most exquisite, since they are softer and with hints of nuts. If the cheese is too mature, it becomes a cheese with a very strong smell and flavor.

It is a “tomme” type cheese, that is to say “semi hard”, its natural gray rind is very dry and its aroma is of hay.

This is an unusual cheese from the mountainous region of Iparralde. Normally this type of cheese is not usually made in this area, either because of the humidity, the temperature or the climate in general.