Belegen Gouda


This Belegen is a pasteurized goat’s milk cheese, with vegetable rennet, cooked pasta, and aged for 10 to 12 months.

Its taste in the mouth is sweet and fruity. It is a balanced and sweet flavor. Its smell is of medium intensity, versatile, balanced and sweet, smell and aromas of medium intensity and with varied and subtle lactic registers.

When it is ripe, its paste becomes firm and silky, a pleasant contrast between its melting character and those small nuances of crystallization that appear when tasting it, making it a desirable and addictive cheese.

Its white skin, treated in the Gouda style, maintains the homogeneous paste in the maturation process, on wooden boards.


It is produced in the fields of the Noord Brabant region, in North Holland, where the Gouda-type pieces of Saanen goats are selected at source.

The “belegen” are made with an excellent raw material and refined until reaching its maximum expression and organoleptic fullness.