Celler Jordi Miró

I don’t know exactly how long ago my family had vineyards, but everything makes me think that my great-grandfather, Francesc Miró Brunet, was the first member of the family to plant a vineyard, because my grandfather Olegario Miró Bosquet , born in 1899, already inherited a vineyard.

In order to continue walking, in 1999 I began my personal project, with the planting of the first vineyard.

In 2009 we started work on the winery in Corbera d’Ebre, my hometown, where we were able to make the 2010 harvest.

What I could never imagine is that neither of my two daughters had any interest in the vineyard and wine, I don’t know if it’s the way again, but Andrea Miró Ràfales began to “cook his ideas” with the harvest of 2017, although at the age of 16 he already made two wines for the Baccalaureate Research Project.

Aïda Miró Ràfales, 14 years old, has made her first wine, I don’t know if either of them will continue to make, maybe they will be the fourth generation, or not, what I do know is that now all three of us enjoy it very much, the “big kitchen“ no the “small cellar” is at home, but the future will tell.

All this is a lot of work, but also a fantastic experience and more since Andrea and Aïda have started their projects, sharing with them the times of vineyard, winery, projects, each their own, but shared, is a very beautiful experience , I hope you can share and enjoy it through the wines.



Grenache textures by Andrea & Aïda Miró

Development of wines with the least possible intervention, making natural wines.

Andrea Miró also has the objective of studying and elaborating the Grenache and its different oenological textures.