Esperanza del Castillo.



Maturation: 4-6 months.

The manchego cheese

Manchego Cheese is a very complete food, which concentrates all the nutritional qualities of milk. It contains a high proportion of proteins, which makes it even richer than meat in these elements. Important vitamins such as A, D and E are also present in Manchego cheese, fundamental in metabolic processes, such as growth, tissue conservation and calcium absorption.

Due to its composition, its consumption is recommended for all ages. During the growth stage, due to its high calcium content. For adults, due to the large amount of proteins it provides, which cover the wear and tear produced daily in these immediate principles.

Sheep cheese

It has been scientifically proven that raw sheep’s milk has health benefits, so sheep’s cheese could not be less, among other properties, because sheep’s cheese has a greater amount of minerals and vitamins than cow’s cheese.

Sheep cheese has enough amino acids necessary for the body to function perfectly.

A serving of sheep’s cheese allows us to cover the needs (recommended daily amount) of nutrients that our body needs.

It is more digestive than other cheeses, since sheep’s milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk.



We are a family business that dates back to 1952, founded in the municipality of Pulgar, in the Montes de Toledo.

At the beginning of our third generation, we have perfected the method of making our products, especially in our specialty: D.O.P Cheeses. Manchego.

We control the production process from beginning to end, making our farmers an integral part of our project. In this way, we get the best product, ensuring maximum quality.

We use traditional methods in the production of our cheeses, such as smearing/bathing with extra virgin olive oil during maturation.

We present an artisan product, 100% natural, with the know-how of previous generations, which maintains the authentic flavor and quality of always.