Froya’s Salmon.

Froya’s Mid Loin – Sushi quality – Ultra fresh raw Norwegian Salmon.

For sushi lovers and for lovers of marinated salmon or flambéed salmon, the mid loin is slightly fattier and brings an extra touch of flavor and is therefore ideal for savoring cooked very lightly, as its fat gives off an incomparable flavor and sweetness when heated. Ideal for tataki or grilled, but without ruling out sashimi. Contains minimal visible brown muscle.

The two-hour process and the hand-picking of the best salmon one by one ensures that you get only the best fillets, without skin or bones. Only two hours pass from the time the salmon is swimming in the sea until it is quickly filleted, packaged and refrigerated. Thus the consumer is assured of the fresh taste of perfection.


Froya’s Back Loin – Sushi quality – Ultra fresh raw Norwegian Salmon.

The Sushi lovers first choice is the exquisite back loin offering perfect slices from the whole loin – no waste.

The best Salmon is hand-picked and only the finest filets find their way to the counter. Two hours is all it takes from living salmon to filleted and expertly packed Frøya ready for rapid cooling. That guarantees the fresh taste of perfection.


The environment

It is no secret that environment impacts the quality of all natural produce. The marine environment surrounding the island of Frøya is perfect for cold water seafood. With tides and strong currents bringing clean and nutritious seawater securing optimal conditions for the salmon.

The Frøya salmons are farmed in the sea off the island of Frøya. This is the basis for the unique quality. In this area, the Gulf Stream for millennia has created strong currents with a large difference in floods and shorelines, ensuring the supply of nutritious and clean seawater twice a day, summer and winter. For generations, this natural phenomenon has created ideal conditions for growing salmon.

Once the salmon has grown to 5-6 kg, it is brought in to the state-of-the-art processing plant on the island.

The salmons are sorted by hand and only the best skins and boneless pieces of the best salmons are made into Frøya salmon.

Frøya has developed a unique packing and cooling process. It only takes two hours from the fish is alive until it is fully packed and ready for rapid cooling to below 0 degrees (salmon freezes at -1.72 °). It ensures that the salmon tastes the same at your home as the day we pick it up from the sea.


Frøya Salmon AS is owned by the Norwegian seafood company Insula. Insula’s companies have been producing top quality seafood for decades.