Celler Clos Galena – Clos Galena – DOQ Priorat

Grenache noir, Carignan, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Clos Galena is a wine with an intense cherry colour, almost opaque and highly complex, very elegant and mature. In this wine, we try to extract from each plot all the potential of the characteristic terroir of the Priorat separately, to demonstrate its own individuality.

Its aromatic wideness stands out, clean and elegant, with the predominance of spices, especially black ones, which fuse with ripe fruit. Mineral character also melts with balsamics.

In the mouth, it is a very complex wine, intense, with a long finish. This wine has a long ageing potential in bottle.

Varietals: Grenache noir (40%), Carignan (20%), Syrah (20%), Cabernet sauvignon (20%)


  • 12 months in new of first year French oak barrels
  • 24 months in bottle to rest in the cellar


A rigorous manual selection of grapes from five of our fourteen plots of organic farming vineyards, taking into account the type of terroir and the adaptation of vines to it.

Fermentation and maceration of each variety are done separately, in stainless steel tanks.

Then a soft pressing of skins is done just before continuing with the malolactic fermentation.

Finally, the varietals are blended to create the coupage which will be then placed into barrels.


Rice and pasta, poultry, white meats, red meats, game, sausages, cold meats, stews, eggs, pâté, foie gras, blue fish, cured cheeses and vegetables.


A gift from nature and its inhabitants

The Clos Galena winery, discreet and quiet, is part of Domini de la Cartoixa -our land, estate and source of inspiration. The name Galena comes from the nutrient-poor underground of the Priorat, characterised by its mineral richness and low level of nitrogen. Galena is, in fact, the main mineral obtained from the historical mines of the Priorat.

Organic grapes and unique wines

We monitor each and every aspect of the elaboration process, from the care of the vineyard to the commercialisation of the wines.

The grape production is kept low, by means of extreme control, and this results in fine wines, thanks to the traditional wine-making system which includes ageing in stainless steel tanks, French as well as American oak barrels, and the supervision of the prestigious wine expert Toni Coca i Fitó.

Our particular jar of essentia

There lies our maximum singularity -in simplicity and essence, in commitment and work, in nature and landscape, land and culture, art and science. Thus, the best side of wine comes out each time a bottle produced in this winery is opened


The monks’ legacy

The lands in which our vines are cultivated belonged to the Carthusian monks from the Scala Dei Monastery in the Middle Ages. That is why our estate and source of inspiration is called Domini de la Cartoixa (Charterhouse Domain), in honour of the monks who introduced vine growing and, more remarkably, impregnated with spirituality the lands of the Priorat.

The estate’s eleven hectares of vineyards surrounded by forests and wild nature are located in the municipality of El Molar (Catalonia), and this almost contagious spirituality can still be perceived whilst walking through the old grapevines Read more »

5 organic grape varieties

Nowadays we grow Red Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carignan and Syrah vines. Yields are low and carefully monitored (0.5 to 1 kg of grapes per vine), with a traditional production system which results in high quality wines. Read more »

The essence of our agriculture

Every year vineyards are monitored according to scientific and organic criteria in order to produce ripe fruits, representative of the terroir and the nature of the Priorat. We constantly endeavour to preserve authenticity and genuineness.