TOCAVI – Grupeta Negre – Tarragona

Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo), Merlot

GRUPETA: For those of you who like to be part of the group, share the road, test your strength. Holding you back, he was able to sprint, leaving the asphalt behind you, a look of color.

VINIFICATION: The skins ferment at 24ºC for 10 days. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is stabilized in stainless steel tanks.

TASTING NOTES: Intense body, Mediterranean style red wine. Cherry aromas predominate, with hints of spice that achieve a subtle balance and at the same time a fresh red wine.


TOCAVI Vins i Caves

The perfect meeting of my two passions, wine and cycling.

The wine and the surrounding landscape have been ubiquitous in my life, in happy times with my father, friends, wife and children.
The landscapes are calm and quiet, they change every year with each season, but they have always been there to accompany me.

Sublime moments. That little moment where everything seems to make sense to you.
We spend our lives looking for the path, never clear, always hard to find… and suddenly one day you realize that the path was always in front of you, waiting for you.