Hacienda Guijoso – Pure Gran Reserva Sheep Cheese with Iberian Lard – Albacete, La Mancha

Sheep – Minimum cure of 12 months.

“GRAN RESERVA” cheese made with Iberian butter and milk from the sheep of our own livestock.

One of our best cheeses, aged in Iberian lard with 12-14 months of healing. Tuned in a natural cave on Sabina wood. An authentic jewel, with a great touch of Iberian butter that makes this cheese a totally remarkable piece. The most intense flavor with the most exquisite creaminess.

One of the crucial factors in the final quality of a cheese is the quality of its milk. Two factors intervene in this: on the one hand, the breed of the sheep, and on the other hand, the food they receive. At Pago Guijoso we produce food for our sheep in a natural and ecological way, we design their menu with a high level of protein and fat, mainly composed of ray grass, corn, wheat, barley, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Once the best possible milk is obtained, we make our cheese in the traditional way, recovering the essence of the cheese makers of yesterday; accompanying the quality from the field to the final product.

All our sheep have the best genetic selection. Our livestock is part of AGRAMA, the most important livestock association in the world in terms of La Mancha sheep; Having these very high quality standards, one of the crucial factors in the quality of a cheese is the quality of the milk.

The second and most important part of making our cheese is curing. The world’s great cheeses have traditionally been cured underground, at constant humidity and temperature naturally on wooden boards. Our Gran Reserva Hacienda Guijoso Cheese with Iberian Lard is cured on Sabina wood in our caves. Its wood is of an unbeatable quality, both for its resistance and for its unmistakable aroma. The latter gives our cheeses an incomparable elegance, making them the best D.O Manchego farm artisan cheeses in the world.


Raw sheep’s milk, Iberian pork lard (coating), Salt, Calcium chloride, Rennet, Lysozyme (derived from egg), Lactic ferments