Buruaga Arditegia – Edarra Idiazabal Ahumado, Mendiko Gazta – Zigoitia, Álava


The world-renowned cheese with Designation of Origin Idiazabal, is a fatty cheese made from raw milk from Latxa or Carranzana sheep, cured for a minimum of 2 months and enzymatic coagulation.

Idiazabal Edarra Cheese is a raw milk cheese from Latxa sheep from its own farm, made with natural lamb rennet. This cheese is known as mountain cheese, since it is made with milk from sheep that graze at an altitude of 800-900 meters in the Gorbea Natural Park. Mountain cheese, Mendiko Gazta, is a very limited and exclusive product within the D.O. Idiazabal. So far, there are only 3 authorized cheese factories with the corresponding label. The grass at high altitudes gives the cheese a special texture and flavor, more unctuous.

Edarra Idiazabal Mendiko Gazta cheese is an exclusive product with limited production.

Buruaga Arditegia

Buruaga Arditegia is a company located in Etxabarri Ibiña, Zigoitia (Álava), dedicated entirely to the production, distribution and sale of its own sheep cheese.

Our company stands out among the others for its cheese tradition and for extracting its raw material from cattle from privileged places on our land, such as the green landscapes of the Basque Country. Another of the key points to highlight about our product is that, from our beginnings, the shepherds care for and pamper the Latxa and Carranza sheep with all dedication to obtain the best raw milk.

Of course, this effort and this constant work, together with the best raw materials, always translates into an incredible and unique flavor that you should not stop trying.

The process of elaboration of our cheeses is completely handmade, which entails absolute professionalism and responsibility in each of the elaborations. But, on the other hand, this manual way of working allows us to offer the end customer a wide variety of cheeses, finishes and dairy products.

Having said this, we can summarize that the quality of our products is based both on the raw material and on the production process, and also on the effort and love that the artisans put into their work, which is fully reflected in the result.