Celler Jordi Miró, Textures de Garnatxa – Serendipity Late Harvest by Aïda Miró – DO Terra Alta


Soil: Clay-limestone
Agriculture: Organic
Alcohol: 17.5%

Natural sweet wine from raisined grapes in the vine

Preparation: We make a vat foot in the vineyard where we will harvest 50 kg of grapes, crush them and leave them in a stainless steel jar in the vineyard until the fermentation begins spontaneously.
When the vat foot is already in a tumultuous fermentation phase, we transfer it to the cellar and multiply the local yeast until it has enough volume to inoculate the must that we have in the cold.
Five days after making the vat, we will harvest the grapes and transfer them to the cellar. We put the whole grape in the tank, once inside we crush it and the skins, the must and the raspberries remain inside. And once crushed, we inoculate the must.
When the alcoholic fermentation stops, press the contents of the tank. The wine remains in fine lees for 4 months and to bottle it we filter it lightly, deposits can form.