Pascona – Lo Petitó – D.O. Montsant.

Syrah and Merlot.


Lo Petito de Pascona, our child. A wine that conveys innocence and lightness. With a liveliness and a marked personality coming from the Grape varieties with which it is made: Sirà and Merlot. The tenderness of the Grape in its maximum expression.


Lo Petitó de Pascona is born from 60% Syrian vineyards and 40% Merlot planted in Clay Terroir. It is a wine with powerful varietal aromas that leaves a persistent imprint in the mouth. To take it slightly cold, almost like a target, remarkably increases its combinatorial possibilities. Ideal for daily consumption, as it is easy and pleasant to see.


Lo Petitó faces a salad with a light salad, a fine vinaigrette or a tasty sauce and also mixes well with a red or white meat. In these cases, the acidity of the wine and the dish is not an annoying sum, but an extension of the same tone of taste.

In the kitchen of primary flavors, without excessive elaboration in the stove, it is where this wine reaches its maximum expression.


VISUAL: The surface of the wine is bright and clean, with an intense purple color.
AROMA: Tones of very ripe fruit, reminiscent of red plums and berries.
MOUTH: Very greedy, round, fresh at the beginning, intense and permanent at the end.
RECOMMENDATION: This wine can be consumed immediately or can be stored in a suitable environment and in a horizontal position for several years. The optimum temperature for consumption is 13 ºC.