Mas d’en Perí

Two rows per terrace, licorice soils, vines formed with a single arm and a very unproductive rootstock, make up my landscape and my life.

Mas d’en Perí is a farmhouse dating from the middle of the s. XIX The previous owner made wines on the farm, and there are still some remains of the old cellar at the Mas. My family acquired it at the end of the 50s and I am the third generation to work the land but the first to venture into making wine.

17 ha make up the farm but at the moment there are only 4 planted. 15 years ago, my father decided to plant Grenache and Carignban. Now with the growth of the project, I have decided to plant 3 ha more of white varieties and a little more Grenache.

I follow a sustainable line and work with the intention of making wines with minimal intervention

Who I am and what I do

I work the field, I make my wine and I try, from the most absolute transparency, to extract the best that the earth gives me. All I have around me are centuries of history, so I can only keep working on what I love so much. I would like to be able to contribute my bit with my viticulture, working on oenology or being able to be happy seeing my wine on the tables of the townspeople. I interpret the territory from the inside. I step on the floors and feel so rooted that the terraces of the vineyard are one of the pillars of my life. Once I’m at the highest point of Mas d’en Perí, I look around, and what I see assures me that nothing can go wrong. The moments that make up my day to day are the most important, enjoying what I do every moment lets me know that I’m on the right track. I still have a long way to go. Do you want us to do it together?

I am a woman, a wine grower from the Priorat. I interpret the vineyard and the landscape in my creations

The project

Things come when they are supposed to come, neither before nor after. The most beautiful stories are often the least expected. I have always been linked to the world of wine. After studying Enology at the Jaume Ciurana school, I collaborated and worked on different projects. We have also cooperated in the zoning of the DO Montsant. As you can see, there is no wine road that can resist. My last project was in a Priorat winery and although I was very happy, a spark was lit. The possibility of becoming part of the family’s history opened up before me, taking over Mas d’en Perí. After so many years working in the sector, it was a gift that my family offered me to start a new project. A unique and unrepeatable opportunity appeared before my eyes and I couldn’t say no. My time had come.