Edetària – Minvant – DO Terra Alta


MInvant is a natural wine made exclusively from Carignan from vineyards over forty years old.

It is a young wine, without aging, since it is wanted to express to the maximum the authenticity of the grape and the land where it comes from. It is a limited production linked to a single plot.

The name of the wine refers to the waning moon phase (decreasing moon).

The lunar cycle marks the work in the field, affecting mainly the sap of the strains, so that when the moon is growing the sap circulates more and with greater force, and if the vineyard is worked at this time it is a more unstable wine . In contrast, during the waning moon, the rhythm of the sap is decreasing and working at this time we get a more stable wine and a vineyard less sensitive to external attacks of fungi and insects and more resistant.


The cellar

Edetària’s celler was built back in 2003 surrounded by a part of Lliberia family vineyards. It is a singular building with lean modern architecture, well integrated in a stunning landscape. Every element: vineyards, cellar, la Plana de Gandesa, Pàndols and Cavalls mountains and Serralada dels Ports National Park, blend together giving rise to a unique scenario.

About us

Joan Àngel Lliberia, Edetària’s heart and soul, started Edetària’s adventure after studying Agricultural Engineering studies in Lleida and taking a Master of Science in Wine Management at OIV (Office International de la Vigne et du vin); his first wine management professional steps took place in several wine companies in France; then he moved back to Catalunya, where he continued his career in the wine sector and later on multinational corporations.

It was his childhood lived amongst a universe of vineyards, grapes, cellars and his passion for wine what called him back to his origins to set up Edetària. A dream come true, a homage to his grandfather Llorens -oenologist- and his parents Pepita and Angel -viticulturers-, making true terroir wines out of his family vineyards in a genuine style.