Cazapitas – O Rebusco 2019 – no DO


A Salgosa vineyard

Previous maceration of 6 days and soft pressing. Fermentation and rest in stainless steel without lees work with wild yeasts. Harvested on October 11-13.

Going to O Rebusco is an ancient practice in which a harvest was made after the natural harvest and made by the grape harvesters to take advantage of those valid clusters not harvested and make their own wines at home with the permission of the owner of the vineyards.

O’Rebusco is in the Galician tradition the way they had to call a type of wine.

Formerly the vineyard lands were worked by the less wealthy people and with them, once the harvest was over, they used to make another pass selecting the very ripe grapes together with the new suckers.

Now it is a somewhat thicker grain and keeps a good acidity.

This was the wine of the people or the poor man’s wine, as it was known. This itself was doing the rummage.

Production 400-500 bottles

Alcoholic Degree: 14% Vol.