Celler Jordi Miró, Textures de Garnatxa – Serendipity Double Mass by Aïda Miró – DO Terra Alta


Soil: Clay-limestone
Agriculture: Organic
Alcohol: 13.5%

“Double mass, second part of the elaboration of two wines”

Concept: This wine is a reinterpretation of the “double pasta” but working at low temperature, harvesting at an optimal point of freshness prioritizing acidity and with a gentle skin work to achieve a fresh and dynamic wine.

Preparation: We make a vat foot in the vineyard, we harvest 50 kg of grapes, we crush them and we leave them in a jar of stainless steel in the vineyard until the fermentation begins spontaneously. When the vat foot is already in a tumultuous fermentation phase, we transfer it to the cellar and multiply the local yeast until it has enough volume to inoculate the must that we have in the cold.
Five days after making the vat, we will harvest the grapes, peel them and put them in the stainless steel tank overnight. After this short maceration, a part of the must is bled for the production of ‘Serendipity Rosé’, leaving in the tank more proportion of skins than of must (double paste) for the production of ‘Serendipity Double Mass’. As soon as we separate the musts, we inoculate them with the vat foot and carry out the alcoholic fermentation at 16ºC.
During the alcoholic fermentation we also do a light work of the skins with a short and gentle remount every day, just soaking the hat so as not to extract too much tannin. When the wine has finished fermenting, it remains for 4 months in fine lees. Finally, it is filtered lightly to be bottled, deposits can form.

Tasting note: Medium maroon color with an attractive nose dominated by red fruit. Strawberry, raspberry, sweet red cherry, rose petals and white pepper. Sweet and juicy fruit dominates in the mouth, with a light body and tannins, balanced with 13.5% alcohol. Easy to drink, medium length, very nice.
The tannins give identity to this wine which is a perfect example to accompany a typical Mediterranean meal.