Serra del Tormo – Serrat

Made with raw sheep’s milk from the own livestock farm. Its long curing makes it a tasty and peculiar soft cheese, compact when cut.


SERRAT-SERRA DEL TORMO cheese has been recognized in the 29th edition of the World Cheese Awards in Sant Sebastià, among a multitude of participants who presented themselves at the Kursaal Congress Center on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

SERRAT-SERRA DEL TORMO cheese has been awarded a bronze medal in the category of pressed sheep’s milk cheeses.

More than 3,000 cheeses were evaluated by internationally recognized experts in the World Cheese Awards, with representation from many countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA ,Cheeses from 31 different countries were presented, from Australia to Italy and Mexico to Mozambique, cheeses of all shapes and sizes arrived at the Kursaal Congress Center in San Sebastián, from all corners of the world. 266 cheese experts from 26 different nations traveled to the Basque Country to evaluate more than 3,000 cheeses in a single day, awarding bronze, silver, gold and Super Gold awards to the best.

The final judging panel was made up of the best names in the world of cheese, with cheesemakers, buyers, sellers and writers, including Suzy O’Regan from Woolworths foods in South Africa, Cathy Strange from Whole Foods in the US, Roland Barthélemy, President of Guilde des fromagers in France, and Maria de Quicke Quicke from the United Kingdom.


At Serra del Tormo we believe that making cheese is much more than a trade: it is a vocation. That is why we wanted to recover the best cheesemaking tradition to give shape to each of our pieces. The love for a job well done is the secret of our cheeses, where soil and effort merge to create an exceptional flavor.

We make all the cheeses only with the milk of our sheep, which we feed with optimal quality cereals grown by ourselves. In this way we can guarantee a completely artisanal production process, which results in a first quality cheese production.

Our sheep are the secret of Serra del Tormo cheeses and that is why we pay all attention to taking care of them and feeding them with top quality cereals grown on our land. For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to cattle breeding in an artisanal way, taking care of our sheep on a daily basis.

A privileged location between the Ebro and the Tormo

We are in the region of Ribera d’Ebre, next to the river and a few kilometers from the Priorat. We raise our sheep in the unbeatable surroundings of Serra del Tormo, the mountainous area that gives us our name. From our farms you can contemplate the magnificent landscape that accompanies Lo Tormo, the emblematic peak that crowns the mountain range.