Celler El Molí – Singular d’Amfora Negre – D.O. Pla del Bages.

Mandó, Sumoll.

Medium layer wine with red hue with hints of pomegranate. Marked tear. Medium intensity wine with elegance and finesse. Dominance of notes of berries, aromatic herbs and undergrowth that mark the purity of the varieties of origin. Sweet and fresh entry with round tannins and long aftertaste of frozen fruit.

Oenologist’s note: In order not to upset the balance of this wine, it has not stabilized, so precipitates may appear. In the same way, it is recommended to decant and open it for a while before consuming it so that it can be expressed in its fullness. The optimum service temperature is 18oC.

Variety: Mando 60%, Sumoll 40%

Harvest: Manual

Vinification: Selection of grains in the selection table. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in stainless steel vats for 12 days and subsequent aging on mothers in pottery amphora for 12 months. Light clarification and filtration.

Aging: In the bottle at least 10 months before going on the market.

Production: 900 bottles

Passion for viticulture – Sebastià Catllà and Josep Maria Claret recovered a historic vineyard

It was 1990 when Sebastià Catllà, a renowned businessman in the metal sector, embarked on a unique wine project together with Josep Maria Claret. The aim was to recover the vineyards of the Molí and Casanova de Monistrolet estates. After an intense research process, they opted for a completely ecological wine production model, and became the first winery in the DO Pla de Bages to bet on it from the beginning.

Three decades after the start of that project, Celler el Molí has ​​returned to the old image a large part of the landscape that, since phylloxera, had disappeared in this area bordering Manresa. The vineyards and olive groves also characterize the foothills of the famous Collbaix hill, well known in Bages for its many trails and the sensational views it offers over the Pla de Bages and towards the Montserrat massif.

Collbaix Celler el Molí has ​​managed to make a place in the market for the best wines in the country, with very good reviews for a dozen of its creations, as well as making extra virgin olive oil of three varieties.

Organic Commitment – Pioneers and strong advocates of organic farming

Absolute respect for the richness of the flora and fauna that inhabit the estate has marked, from the beginning, the temperament of Collbaix Celler el Molí.

Precisely because of this, and long before the words “ecological”, “sustainable” or “respectful” were erected as concepts of added value in wine slang, the owners of Celler el Molí were already working under the parameters of the ‘organic farming.

In 2005, the El Molí estate became part of the register of the Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production (CCPAE) and thus became the first organic winery in the DO Pla de Bages.

When Collbaix Celler el Molí started producing oil, it also did so within the standards of the CCPAE, which is why it was also the first experience in the production of organic oil in Bages.

No borders or barriers

We are the first winery in the DO Pla de Bages that incorporates Braille into its labels. We do it from day one. This makes it easier for people with visual impairments to get to know our wines, as well as their tasting experience.

Our facilities are accessible for people with reduced mobility and we adapt all our experiences to the needs of each user. In this way, and through the culture of wine and oil, we want to contribute our grain of sand in terms of inclusion and social cohesion.