Conreria Scala Dei – Les Brugueres Negre 2018 – DOQ Priorat

Grenache & Syrah

Wine of intense color, intense in fruit, very well wrapped and respected by the wood. Notes of spices and Mediterranean herbs. Marked mineral character. Light and fresh on the palate, very velvety, good finish and long after-taste.

Pairing: White and red meat, blue and rock fish, rice, cheese and pasta.


Conreria Scala Dei

The Priorat - Where every stone hosts the silence

The Priorat is a surprising space for its orography. Currency the Mediterranean of the height of the Montsant. In these slate floors, the monks of La Cartoixa de Scala Dei demarcated the land that today is the modern and mighty Denomination of Qualified Origin of the Priorat.

A region where its economic and social life revolves around its agricultural vocation and, very particularly, around the wine. A land, to which it was recognized, in 1974, by F.A. a quality and unique conditions so that some of the best wines in the world can be elaborated in it.

The name of our winery includes in itself a story and a legacy that will bring us back to a millennial tradition. Proud of it, we praise this land, paying special attention to vineyards of different types and varieties, wisely distributed in different parts of the region, in order to create wines with their own personality.

In the Priorat, each door, stone or wall accommodates silence, rest and vitality that makes everything meaningful. A place where passion and knowledge make it possible to open up this miracle: the creation of a great wine.

Here our wines are born and raised, allying with time, in order to transmit the essence of a young and modern winery that points to tradition and that harvesting in harvest, perfects its art.

We invite you to know and share our precious universe.

The cellar - Wines with print

Annual production 130.000 bottles
Opening 1997

La Conreria d'Scala Dei is born from the will and enthusiasm of a group of people historically linked to the Priorat, with the desire to publicize the magnificent wines that are elaborated on this land in the world.

Starting from the old property of the Casa senyorial dels Rialp, we have modernized its facilities to make our wines and share, the historical legacy of this land and its people in the magnificent Scala Dei area and El Priorat, with its visitors.

With a careful selection of vineyards and grapes, of the 52 hectares leased and owned, and with our effort behind each of the 130.000 bottles that we produce annually, we make these wines come true with the peculiar footprint of the Priorat.

The winemaker - Only the strength of a dream has been able to arrive where the determination was not enough

"Wine always tells a story. The perfume of an ancient land that carries the colors of time. Priorat has captivated me. The studies together with the experience have formed me as an oenologist. But the capacity is not enough and the recognition either. Only the strength of a dream has been able to arrive where the determination was not enough.

That's how La Conreria d'Scala Dei was born. A simple culture made of humility and coherence. The wine of La Conreria contains all this.

Every day that happens we strive to generate something unique and precious, trying to find the balance between strength and softness.

As a reflection of the times in which we live, Priorat has managed to adapt. He has transformed his unique wealth into a catalyst element, and I do nothing but interpret the signs of a modernity that finds its roots in tradition.

The wines of La Conreria are born from the respect of an essential natural heritage where the words leave space for the suggestions collected in each cup that tells about the times that were and those that will come."

Jordi Vidal
Winemaker & Co-owner