Embotits Mallart

100 years, 5 generations, 1 brand

For more than 100 years, five generations of a family of charcuterie have been dedicated to making sausages and other charcuterie products from their workshop in La Llacuna, in the area known as Gran Penedès. .

Using selected pieces of meat, Mallart prepares both raw and cooked specialties, all of which are indebted to recipes and a very traditional preparation.

2018: The rebirth with Mas Albornà

At the gates of retirement, the Mallart family finds that the continuity of their legacy is unresolved. Ernest, the generational successor to the charcuterie business and trained in the family workshop, is a person with an intellectual disability. Managing the company on your own is complicated and that is why they decide to contact the Mas Albornà Foundation. The purpose is twofold: to ensure the stability and quality of your child’s workplace as well as to preserve the continuity of the family business by preventing its disappearance.

In this way, in January 2018, Mallart was reborn and took on a new impetus at the hands of the Mas Albornà Foundation, thus also becoming a social initiative that adds value and commitment to the products it makes.

A new stage begins but the very essence of the origins and the taste of the tradition remain.

Mallart is part of the social project of the Mas Albornà Foundation

The Mas Albornà Foundation has been working since 1969 to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, mental disorders and the risk of exclusion by offering them services and comprehensive care in the Alt Penedès.

Mallart is a social initiative of the Mas Albornà Foundation. Thanks to the production of sausages, we can continue to grow our project, creating new job opportunities and improving people’s lives.

La Llacuna: Territory of high level charcuterie

Both the workshop and the Mallart Artesans Xarcuters dryer are in La Llacuna (l’Anoia), a town located 600m above sea level. With a mostly wooded surface of pines, oaks and holm oaks, this vegetation cools the hot summer climate and the average height above sea level moderately aggravates the dry cold of winter making the area an ideal enclave for the elaboration and drying of sausages.

La Llacuna is a town with a long tradition of centuries in the art of making sausages thanks to its proximity to the Camí Ral (road of movement of people and goods protected by the king) and the annual celebration of the Fira de Sant Andreu, a renowned meeting point for sellers of livestock and other products. This means that the people of La Llacuna have been involved in raising pigs and making sausages for many centuries. First, in farmhouses and in the home, and then supplying nearby towns and butchers.

This tradition has meant that their sausages are recognized and valued for the characteristics that differentiate them: the climatic conditions of the area (cold and freshness) and the quality of their raw material.

The products made by Mallart Artesans Xarcuters capture this essence and maintain the roots that give the products the flavor of traditional production.