Grenache Wine Flight

Mas Ramoneda – Boira Blanc de Noirs – DO Costers del Segre


White noir wine made from Garnacha Tinta grapes planted next to the winery 10 years ago, where we want to convey the finesse and elegance of the Garnacha with the bouquet of a red wine.

  • Varieties: Red Grenache
  • Vineyard Age: 10 years
  • Vine height: 460 meters
  • Yield: 9500 kg / Ha
  • Alcohol: 12.5%

COLOR: Bright yellow with gray tones due to the color of the grape skin
AROMA: Of flowers and white fruit, giving a very fresh touch and at the same time it stands out and a depth and memories of something that is hidden, as reflected by its name, is glimpsed.
TASTE: An entry with a sweet sensation, a happy and friendly passage through the mouth with a round finish expressing all the characters of this white noir wine.
PAIRING: Very appropriate with ham and Iberian sausages, broths, stewed vegetables and all kinds of white meat and fish.


Mas Ramoneda

Tradition, the natural process, the vine at every evening behind the window, because it is the grape that sustains us and we give it the adolescent passion and the eye of those who know the perpendicularity of the wine in the bottle. The scented oak, the mystery of the pause in the ferment, the patience of the keys at the door, the cellar, the wise man who hears the voice of wine, because they call him by name,

Mas Ramoneda is a young winery that seeks two lips to feel body on the edge of a glass and savor the nature of its wines: the noble conception of metaphor in the vat. There is always greatness in the transformation of concepts, and the WINE liturgy is the secret of roses, their beauty, their smell, their aroma, their texture, their slow world of flavors.

Mas Ramoneda seeks the ancient value of ambrosia; sometimes, extinguished, and it renews it, it gives it the faith of new rituals, the strength of the rivers that wisely guide the waters to the sea. The WINE from its cellars is a prayer and a heresy, it recognizes the table and closes the parentheses of doubt.

Mas Ramoneda assumes the verb to drink, and shapes other distinguished verbs: libar, paladear, savorar. He never raises his elbow or takes a drink, he arranges the harmony of taste with freshness, silence and good judgment. Surprise the sky of the mouth and continue higher, in the hands of an embrace moved with the earth.

Mas Ramoneda is a newly born winery, with a clean dawn, but by its side there are people with studies and experience to transmit the integral essence of wine to the tables.

There is a place where life opens up like a thought, a place where innocence takes off its shoes and dresses in vine shoots, a place where kites arrive and the murmur of ferment sounds, of good broth. A place where glass scaffolds rise, and alchemy transforms, like a miracle, the vine into life. That place has the accuracy of a name, Mas Ramoneda.

On his farm remains the trace of the ancestor man, as an inheritance: excavations in the stone to step on the grapes. An original winery, with 5000 and 6000 liter oak barrels, and also stone tanks. An oven to bake bread, an oil press and, apart from the manor house, an 11th century hermitage. That is the origin and the cradle of the Mas Ramoneda family, where wine, oil and bread were already made by hand. Caste comes to the greyhound, says the adage.

La Vinyeta – Microvins Garnatxa Negra Àmfora – DO Empordà.


Native varieties, old vineyards and microclimates.

In the past, a strange character roamed the cellars on time. He unfolded his briefcase and, like an alchemist, began shuffling potions and test tubes. The Chemist, everyone told him. A figure that is more familiar to us today, present in every winery, but that we usually know as an oenologist.

The Microvins are monovarietal from old vineyards –some more than a hundred years old– of autochthonous varieties and plots of extreme typicality. Small volumes of wine with a lot of character, experimenting in the production processes, in very controlled conditions and recovering ancestral techniques.

Microvins are small preparations made in 10 small capacity tanks, only 1,000 liters, under very controlled conditions, this Carignan has been aged in chestnut barrels.


La Vinyeta

Immerse yourself in the wines of this winery touched by the 'tramuntana' (north wind) and let yourself fall in love with the smell of the Empordà.

Located in the heart of the Empordà, in Mollet de Peralada, the La Vinyeta winery is a small vineyard and olive grove with a young spirit, the result of effort and enthusiasm.

The origin of this project can be traced to the nearly two hectares of old vineyards - aged between 55 and 80 - in Carignan and Grenache.

From this moment new plantations are carried out up to the current 30 ha and it is consolidated in 2006 with the construction of the winery.

Year after year, La Vinyeta bears fruit with personal wines, exquisite oil and local products.

Despite being a young winery, it has taken the testimony of tradition, of the legacy accumulated over centuries in the cultivation of old vineyards in the Empordà.

The commitment to nature has made it one of the first wineries to develop with the Integrated Production system, an environmentally friendly crop based on ecological principles and scientific knowledge.

Best Catalan Winery in 2018

La Vinyeta has been chosen as the Best Catalan Winery in 2018 by the Catalan Association of Sommeliers. This entity brings together about 600 sommeliers and member companies of the Catalan territory and has the vocation of agglutinating the sector and promoting the figure of the sommelier.

The recognition has been granted by voting of its members between four Catalan wineries that have excelled this year.


Bodegas Alto Moncayo – Veraton – DO Campo de Borja.


‘Veraton’ is the third wine we produce from the Garnacha grape, from vines between 30 and 50 years old, and aged in barrels for 16 months. It is a wine with an attractive collection of balsamic notes, of chocolate and black fruits, very warm in the mouth and an extremely pleasant finish.

The garnacha grape is one of the varieties that best expresses its terroir. Thus, the Garnacha of Alto Moncayo is different from the rest of the Campo de Borja Denominación de Origen (DO) area. This is due to the very strict selection made from the vineyards, the type of soil in which they are grown, the microclimate and the age of the vines. As these vines are very old, the strains are very well-balanced, with a very deep root system. The soil where these old strains of Garnacha are located is on the foothills glacis or slopes of the mountains of Ainzón, Fuendejalón and Tabuenca; very stony, with slightly rounded edges of limestone or marl, dolomite, quartzite and slate. These are highly permeable soils that allow the water to seep into the deeper layers of clay.

All of these factors, together with the location of the vineyards, between 500m and 800m in height, where the maturity is very slow, leads to wines of great fruitiness and minerality. In the mouth they are rich and fulsome, with pleasant, mature tannins and highly aromatic persistence.


Bodegas Alto Moncayo.

Bodegas Alto Moncayo is a winery located in the Campo de Borja Designation of Origin. It was created in 2002 with the aim of making it a world reference for high quality Grenache wines, made with local clones.

The winery is located in the highest part of the city of Borja, 500 m above sea level. From its privileged location we can see to the Northwest the Sanctuary of Mercy and La Muela de Borja. To the north the Ebro Valley and the Pyrenees, and to the southeast the Sierra de Tabuenca and the Huecha Valley. In the Southwest we see in the foreground El Moncayo, which is the highest point of the Cordillera Ibérica (2,315 m) and which gives its name to the winery.

This proximity of Moncayo is what gives the area a cold and dry continental climate of Atlantic influence in winter and Mediterranean in summer, with different microclimates depending on the altitude at which the vineyard is located. Thus we can find average precipitations of 250 mm / year in the low zones and of 350 mm / year in the highest zones of Tabuenca. These are areas hardened by "El Cierzo", a dominant wind from the Northwest that accelerates the evaporation of low rainfall.

The soils where these old Garnacha vines are located are glacis, or foothill soils of the Ainzón, Fuendejalón and Tabuenca mountains, very stony, with little boulders, of limestone or marl, dolomites, quartzites and slates. They are very permeable soils, which cause runoff to seep into the deepest clay layers.

Finca del Marquesado Valdemar – La Gargantilla – DO La Rioja.


La Gargantilla, a grenache monovarietal where the notes of red fruits stand out. It is an expressive wine, with nerve and sincere.

VINEYARDS: Plot of 6.7 Has. Preselection of strains and subsequent clusters. Altitude of 580 m. and very stony loam soil.

AGING: 8 months in French Allier oak barrels

TASTING OBSERVATIONS: Beautiful cherry color, very vivid, with a medium layer, with purple sheen.
Intense and fresh aroma, with very marked notes of red forest fruits (raspberries, currants) accompanied in the background by finer notes from the barrel aging.
In the mouth it is fresh, very expressive, with nerve and sincere. A pleasant mid palate, very varietal with hints of flowers and red fruits.
Elegant, with a delicate structure, balanced acidity and a long finish. Silky, elegant and complex. Smooth ripe tannin with a rich, long and permanent aftertaste.

PAIRING: Exquisite with all kinds of cheeses, this Garnacha mainly enhances the cured and semi-cured. Red meats and in cheese sauces. Foie and apple.